I’ve been thinking about getting rid of everything I own.  All the furniture, the books, the kitchen tools, the face cleanser,  the scanner, the costume jewelry, the little bits of paper made filthy by eons spent in the bottom of a bag, the bags, the inkless pens, the blank post-it notes, the camera, just everything.  Bram is not on board with this.  Even though I told him that if we need something like a table, we could go get some wood slabs (cast offs from wood mills, usually free) and just construct it with wood glue.   (Hammering nails is not very pleasant — I always feel like my brains are going to shatter.)

Sometimes, one just wants to hit the reset button.

Which is why, I guess there are solstice parties this time of year.  It accomplishes very little to celebrate the solstice (despite what ancient peoples believed), except to remind ourselves that the light will return.  Even if you forgot to take your vitamin D this winter, the light will return.  Even if you know for sure, the light has gone for good.

We went to a solstice get-together on the 21st — which was simultaneously a birthday party for someone who works on humane livestock farming — and we brought this cake:

humane cake

And we went to a Christmas eve thing which was very pleasant, even inspiring:

xmas eve

And then there was Les Miserables which David Edelstein described this way: “what I saw on-screen was a transcendentally tasteless bombardment, an absolute horror show that in a just world would send people screaming from the theater.”

Well, that’s not very nice.  I liked it.

What I’m NOT looking forward to is Downton Abbey, which I liked in season 1 despite the utter lack of likable characters, whether upstairs or downstairs.  But who couldn’t be mesmerized by that house, that estate and those costumes.  Oh the costumes!  (You will only understand this if you are female or female-ish or you just like attractive man-made objects on any level or if you have eyes.)  The second season was so inexcusably bad that this season I’m kind of hoping the whole house burns to the ground with every last thing and everyone in it.  And that the fire spreads to the whole island.  Preferably in episode 1.

Going to take a break from blogging.  Will see you some time in early 2013.  If I decide to get rid of everything I own and empty all our accounts, putting everything in a giant bonfire, I’ll let you know.  (I’ll work, first, on getting rid of my Amazon wishlist.  First things first.)

I wish you apples and honey for a sweet year to come.  And ease.  Lots and lots of mental (if not physical) softness and ease.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité, tour jeté! We are off to visit the house of 5 bidets!

Z in Dec

In the meantime, here are some videos and audios I love neurotically, in case you get bored.


5 thoughts on “Reset

  1. Sometimes I just want those things sturdy and solid around me, whether they be material “things” or “things” of the spirit, which, of course, includes those near and dear to me. On the other hand, transient stuff, in my opinion, is boring and wasteful. I’m rereading a wonderful small book, “How to Behave at the Feast” written by Dwight Currie, a gentleman who happens to be from Vermont, interestingly enough. Beautiful!

    I will miss your blogs. They keep me thinking. Happy New year, with love!

  2. I can relate! One way we combat feeling overtaken by ‘the stuff’ is we have a pretend-we-are-moving garage sale once every summer. Cuts are ruthless and you can almost feel the house breathe when it is all done, but truth be told about a week later, the drawers, closets, garage, etc. are mysteriously full again – even if we didn’t buy anything! I think ‘the stuff’ left behind procreates until it finds its level again.
    I read the chicken article and thought it was very compelling but I was so disheartened by something the chicken ‘farmer’ said at the beginning – that he was worried about how he would sound discussing the merits of oregano oil. What?! How could he think that would sound more insane then injecting and feeding super strength antibiotics to millions of animals raised for human consumption!? It is so discouraging that even with good evidence right in front of him, he was afraid to go against the status quo. Here is an interesting article about antibiotic free cows from a couple of months ago: (probably old news for Vermont farmers 🙂 )
    Anyway, happy new year e!! 5 bidets? Really? Sounds sort of intimidating. 🙂 Looking forward to your blogs in 2013!

  3. As said recipient of said cake, I can say it was a big hit… even though a guest at the party said, “How can the cake be humane? It was beaten and whipped!”

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