Snowy Creatures

This is a snowflake:

This is also a snowflake:

Another snowflake on its way, below:

And this is the plaque for the man who took these photographs — the first super-close look at these momentary diamonds:

And this is a segment of the genius-radio-show, RADIOLAB, about Wilson Bentley.  (You will discover on this segment, among many other things, that perfect snowflakes can be captured when it is about 15 below zero and there is high humidity and the clouds aren’t too high in the sky, nor too low.)

This is Bram setting a mousetrap way up high in the ceiling:

This is gumbo of chickens and goats:

This is what the sky looked like just as Hurricane Sandy rolled in (though for us it was more like Drizzle Sandy):

And here’s another:

This is a group of rams in the mist:

This is what a patch of Winterberry look likes like from a significant distance in November (and that was a dangling modifier):

And THIS is a little game of Where’s Waldo.  Can you spot the snowy creature?


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